Why We Cannot Wait for Metro: Exodus – Everything We Know So Far!

Revealed at last year at E3 2017 during Microsoft’s conference, Metro: Exodus is a first-person shooter being developed by 4A Games. It is the third installment in the Metro franchise.

After the huge success of the first two titles, we are now awaiting the launch of the third game Metro: Exodus and judging from the trailers, the game looks promising so far. You can see the launch trailer below.


The game is set after the events of Metro: Last Light and the novel on which the whole franchise is based on. You will get back in the role of Artyom from Last Light and will continue the story 2 years later from the events of Metro: Last Light. The developers are claiming it to be the most immersive game ever created.

Your goal will be to lead a group of Spartan Rangers across post-apocalyptic Russia in search of new life. You will come across different challenges along the way and it will be up to you to manage your team and the harsh nuclear environment at the same time.

We will also see the return of some of the characters from the previous games such as Anna. She appears to be Artyom’s wife now.

The story is a major improvement when compared to previous games because now the complete story will span over the period of one complete year. Previous games finished in just a couple of in-game days.

Now the game’s trailer says ‘Departing in 2018’ and there is also a train shown in the trailer called Aurora. It appears to play a major part in the story.


Overall, the trailers seem to show the same gloomy and dark environment that the previous Metro games have been portraying and it seems to have evolved much better than before.

Since the game is being made for new gen consoles, the visuals are crisp and beautiful and so far, the environment appears to be the perfect setting for a Metro game.

From the trailer, everything ranging from the underground sections, outdoor areas, combat effects, monster details all look amazing and crisp.

Smaller details such as the burning effects of the spider webs and the blood dripping from the enemies look very realistic. The new game engine is very promising and it looks like we will be in for a visual treat with the new Metro: Exodus.

For the first time ever, the game will have four different seasons so each season will be shown in the game’s beautiful engine. It has exceptional visual fidelity and we cannot wait to experience it.

As the game is for the new-gen consoles, we are also expecting it to be fully supporting 4K and HDR for even better visuals and crisp display. As of now, Xbox One X has confirmed 4K support. We currently do not have any news that PS4 Pro version will receive the same treatment.


From the trailer, the game might look like it is an open-world game but that is not the case as confirmed by the developers. It is actually a series of open areas connected with each other and each area has unique side missions and main story missions.

This does not mean that these areas are small and tight. The world of Metro – Exodus is huge complete with underground and overground sections.

Main story missions will help you advance the story and once you complete main story mission in an area, you will no longer be able to return to that area.

Hence, if you want to complete all side quests then you must complete the side quests before you advance in the main story missions. This offers you freedom of how you approach the game’s story.

By looking at both trailers, we are totally blown when it comes to the gameplay elements. The game’s engine looks amazing. All movement, stealth, and combat elements have been overhauled and they look amazing. From the reloading animations to enemy’s movement effects on the surrounding environment, everything is a treat to see and experience.

Small details during these combat sections such as falling dirt when running near a cliff and giant enemies slamming down and making the dirt fly everywhere, looks amazing. We are totally hooked to the trailers and we are hoping that a demo comes out soon so we can try this for ourselves.

The game also features a dynamic weather and day/night cycle to add more to realism.

The whole weapon management system has also received a major overhaul and you can now manage your inventory and al crafting needs much more efficiently. There is also an option for scavenging since you will need components for crafting items.

All mechanics of Metro – Exodus are being revamped keeping the new open-world exploration element being introduced in the game. There are also some small vehicles for you to drive around in the huge environments making mobility more convenient.

Launch Date

As of now, we have no specific date for Metro – Exodus’s launch. Currently, it is slated to be launched sometime in 2018 but currently, we do not have a fixed date or even the quarter in which the game will launch. The first quarter is half gone so it is out of the equation.

We can look for its launch in fall or summer season. Perhaps at this year’s E3, we will get to know an exact launch date or at least a general idea about the launch time.

It is said to be coming out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Let us hope that we do not have to wait too much for it to come. Recently we got another trailer at The Game Awards 2017. You can check the trailer below.

This is all we know so far about Metro: Exodus. We will share more details with you and keep you updated on the progress of Metro: Exodus as more information is revealed about the game. Keep checking back for more information.

We are super excited for the Metro: Exodus and we cannot wait for more information about the game. Tell us in the comments below what you would like to see in the new Metro: Exodus and will you be purchasing Metro: Exodus when it comes out.