Star Wars Battlefront 2 Handing Out Free Crates, Collect Your Reward

If you have been experiencing the issues related to the rewards that were not unlocking properly in Star Wars Battlefront 2 well seems like it has been fixed and on top of that, they have a reward for everyone affected.

What EA DICE is doing is that they probably are apologizing by handing out free crates for Star Wars Battlefront 2. When you log into your Star Wars Battlefront 2 account you are greeted with a message that fixes have been deployed, sincere apologies for the problem you guys have been facing and for that reason you have been rewarded with some credits.

Based on this what we can assume is that the issue of being unable to claim rewards when hitting certain milestones has now been hopefully fixed. Its either that or they are somehow handing out crates to buy themselves some time.

The Crates contain 4000 credits and 4 Star cards. So go get your reward. Another news we have regarding the Star Wars Battlefront 2 is that recently there has been a hint, floating around that EA DICE may be considering to release a Conquest Mode, customization option and possibly DLC based on Clone Wars.

EA DICE has shared that they are listening to the requests that are flooding them with more open, free-flowing large mode like Conquest and they are considering them for the players. Although there are some complications with porting the mode

Upon asking about the Clone Wars content and customization there was a big “yes,” so that’s a good news. According to a DICE employee Dennis Brannvall, DLC and the player customization will be rolling out soon.

Over the controversy surrounding microtransactions, the game sales didn’t do well and for that reason, they will be boosting up the sales.  Although the microtransactions have been removed from the shooter but will probably be returning sometime soon.