Original Resident Evil 2 Director Visits Capcom, Okami 2 May Be Under Consideration

The director of original Resident Evil 2, Hideki Kamiya, recently posted a picture with a caption “Hideki Kamiya approaching Capcom.” Which has left many of the fans in somewhat of an incomplete joy as for them this is a good news that has risen the bar for expectations. Speculations from this post have many convinced that Okami 2 may be the reason there is smoke in the air.

In the image, Kamiya is standing outside the Capcom headquarters in Osaka, Japan. He also shared the same image on Twitter account with the mentioned caption and on his Instagram account. This has left many fans to speculate that does this really mean something or is it just to tease the fans.

Kamiya is mostly remembered from his direction of the original Resident Evil 2. The survival horror video game Resident Evil 2 was known for its atmosphere, setting, graphics, and audio, with that it did land on the list of best games ever made.

Hideki Kamiya, the creator of Devil May Cry left Capcom in 2006 when Clover Studio got closed. Shortly after that Kamiya founded Platinum Games, and under his direction came the critically-acclaimed Bayonetta. It has been 10 years since he has worked with Capcom. Now the recent post has got fans thinking that there may be a reunion coming underway.

Kamiya has expressed his interests to work with Capcom on a project before as well and keeping that in mind and the recent post it literally does point a collaboration may be in order. We all know what that project could possibly be or maybe this is what the fans actually want the project to be.

Well, Okami 2 is in the highlights, we all know that Kamiya would like to work on a sequel to Okami. He apparently already has ideas for the game as well. The game Okami has struggled with the sales in the past but it also has had a positive critical appreciation which may be enough for Capcom to collaborate with the Platinum Games to produce Okami 2.

It could also be the other way around as well because Kamiya also commented on new creative directions for Devil May Cry. In that case, it would mean that we still have a possibility of collaboration between the two but the project may not be as we expect.

Since there is no official announcement from the Capcom this all could also go to dust. Until then we can hope that something good comes out of this news.

If you guys remember the game Okami was one of the best PlayStation 2 games and one of the most popular games of all time. Which also if you guys remember a few months back had its HD version available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.