New Fable And Perfect Dark Games Are Apparently Being Developed In The UK

Apparently the new Fable and Perfect Dark games that are rumored to be getting made are both being developed in the United Kingdom for some reason, according to Xbox executive Joe Staten. While there’s nothing that confirms it, Staten’s tweet has lent some evidence to it being true for now.

The rumors of new Fable and Perfect Dark games coming out in the future have been around for a while now, though there hasn’t been any specific information about either one, or whether or not that stuff is even true.

Fable hasn’t had a game since Lionhead Studios got shut down last year, right before Fable Legends was released as well. While Fable games haven’t been very popular since Fable 3 came out (only a mediocre Kinect game coming out since then and before Fable Legends got announced), a new game being made by other people not led by Peter Molyneux might lead the series to a new resurgence.

While Perfect Dark has had a similar history, all of its games have been fairly well-received, and so the praise will hopefully keep coming if another Perfect Dark game is eventually developed.

It’s not just Fable and Perfect Dark that are being developed in Europe, either. Staten had previously been a guest at Sumo Digital in France, where he helped a great deal in writing the script for Crackdown 3.

Rod Ferguson, head of the studio The Coalition who developed Gears of War 4, is also in Europe. The Coalition is apparently supporting whatever studio is working on the new Perfect Dawn game, so he might be visiting that studio as we speak.

Either way, hopefully the new Fable and Perfect Dark games are indeed being developed, and we’ll get to see what they can do in this day and age. In the meantime, keep a lookout for either game getting more information later this year.