Monster Hunter World Update For PS4 And Xbox One Is Now Available: Version 1.05 And Version

This just kicked in, Monster Hunter World Update is now available worldwide. The Update version 1.05 is for PlayStation 4 and update version for Xbox One and is now available.

The update contains a major chunk of fixes that focus on Squads (PlayStation 4), Issues related to 5 Million Celebration Item Pack, Decorations related fixes, Elderseal, Endemic Life, Quests and some info on the status of Xbox One Matchmaking.

Starting off with the Fixes contained in Monster Hunter World Update we have some major fixes related to Squads that is for PlayStation 4 users. They have fixed the issue of the error message due to which squad features where not available.

Although there are some drawbacks to this fix, players experiencing this issue will have their squad data reset, so that’s irritating. Also, the issue with the joining of squad members has been fixed.

Those players who were not able to claim their “5 Million Celebration Item Pack” now can and the date for its availability has been extended to February 22, 23:59 (UTC).

Fixes regarding the decorations that were lost and the issues with selection of items has been taken care off. Some minor tweakings with the light bowgun, heavy bowgun, and ammo changes. Elderseal calculation for dragon pods has also been readjusted.

The Endemic Life problem regarding the disappearance of information has also been taken care off. In the Quests,  fixes have been made regarding the assignment “Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi” and another minor bug that was causing the players to lose control of their character.

Regarding the Xbox One Matchmaking, they have apologized for the inconvenience and that they are working on it tirelessly. If you want a detailed look at the patch notes you can also do that.

Well, it’s about time these fixes came in, because with the issues that the Monster Hunter has been facing it was raging a lot of fans. Recently Monster Huner World also had its server down for maintenance which is now back online. Hopefully, that has not complicated anything. Until any negative feedback comes, in regards to the update we can be hopeful that there may not be any more of these issues.

Monster Hunter World is available for PS4 and Xbox One and the PC version will be rolling out this fall.