Lobo Movie Might Have Found Its Director, Production Budget Demands $200 Million – Report

The long-standing search for a suitable director to breathe life into the grounded Lobo movie may be on the verge of coming to fruition.

According to a new report from The Wrap earlier today, Michael Bay sat down with Warner Bros. this week to provide notes and guidance to screenwriter Jason Fuchs on the direction he believes the adaptation should be heading into. If the studio determines that to have potential, it will certainly sign the Transformers director for the project.

There remains just one more problem now. The production budget, based on the current script, requires well over $200 million. The amount is too staggering for the debut of the intergalactic bounty hunter from the comic books. Both Warner Bros. and Bay are in unison that the price tag needs to come down. Until it does, the Lobo movie will remain on the drawing board.

Guy Ritchie was the first director to be attached to the movie back in 2009 but he parted ways four years later. Brad Peyton then swooped in as the second director with the intention to involve Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The wrestler-turned-actor, however, dropped the idea in the following year and the project fell into disarray once again. It was not until March 2016 that some manner of headway was achieved by bringing in Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) to write the script.

Lobo was first introduced in the source materials as a supervillain. In the years to come, he was revived as a trash-talking anti-hero with a penchant to ride into battles on his bike. The studio believes that he could be the answer to Deadpool on its own side of the fence. On that note, the Lobo movie will possibly be the first R-Rated release in the DC Extended Universe.