Far Cry 5 Trailer Shows How Earning Favors Can Come in Handy

Far Cry 5 just had its new trailer release that shows how Guns for Hire can come in handy. The new Far Cry 5 trailer shows some NPCs that will be aiding you in the game. Their special abilities and qualities vary at the highest levels. From Snipers to Pyromaniacs and helicopter pilots and one special NPC.

The player will be able to call upon them when in need based on the type of help the player requires. Sometimes you will need stealth, sometimes you will need to go in with a bang and sometimes when the shit hits the fan. Each NPC with its special skill will be able to assist you.

Also, we have each player with a unique personality. We have Nick Rye, Jess Black, Hurk and Sharky, Grace, and Adelaide. While all of them are really crazy and cool the one special NPC who is the best is Boomer.

First up we have Nick Rye aka king of the skies, he fights for his family. He has his crop duster plane which he loves very much the only thing is that plane is nowhere near a crop duster with all the different types of guns he can rain bullets or bombs from up top. Nick is ready to join the resistance.

Then we have Jess Black aka the Master Hunter. She fights for revenge. Her talent is that she can put arrows through anyone’s head and she never misses. Stealth is her strong suit, she is really really good at killing without even getting noticed. In fact, her stealth is too good that animals see her as one of their own.

Hurk Drubman Jr. is the name, he fights for himself and his beer. His skill is the blast and weapon is RPG. He uses it like no other, a complete representation of a red neck. He can turn vehicles into scrap metals, all you need to do is, point in the direction and boom it’s gone.

Adelaide Drubman, otherwise known as the chopper queen. She has a dream to be a businesswoman and anyone who comes in her way she can’t stand them. Her chopper can blow things from miles away.

Sharky Boshaw, he is the pyromaniac he has no friends and probably due to his aggressive personality. Likes to burn things up and he has mad killing skills. Hit him up when your shit hits the fan, he will rip out the hearts of your enemies.

Grace Armstrong, the sniper she is the hope in the game. Her shooting skills are mad, she has served in Afghanistan and fights for the righteous cause.The special one we have is Scout Boomer the Dog. Only seeing the trailer can define him.

If you are not filled up after watching the trailer then there is also an hour of gameplay released by Ubisoft. That really gives you the real insight into the game. Do check that as well. The game Far Cry 5 will release on March 27 and will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.