Dragon’s Crown Pro Release Date Revealed, Coming May 15

May 15 has been announced as the Dragon’s Crown Pro release date, the updated re-release of the fantasy brawler-style game that took the Playstation by storm several years ago. The game was announced to be getting a re-release last year, and now it’s almost hear, barring a few months of waiting.

The game had already been confirmed to be getting a spring release date, but there wasn’t anything specific about when it would actually be released. However, now with the announcement of the Dragon’s Crown Pro release date, we finally have a confirmed release date for the game.

Dragon’s Crown, as stated above, is a beat em up that takes place in a fantasy setting. Players take on the role of one or more adventurers who are on a quest to find an artifact called the Dragon’s Crown, which must be filled with a number of mystical gems in order to defeat a gigantic dragon threatening the kingdom.

Players will battle things like displacer beasts, giant green orcs, harpies, giant squids, and more over the course of their journey. At the same time, players will each go along on various personal journeys, such as the wizard attempting to cure his sick sister, the dwarf attempting to save his dying race, and the Amazoness, who is attempting to find out more about her family.

While the game did get a large amount of controversy due to its portrayal of various characters like the Sorceress and Amazon (more specifically their highly sexual animations and outfits), it won a great deal of praise for its amazing art and good gameplay, which resulted in it being one of the most well-regarded Playstation Vita games.

Now that the game is getting a remaster and moving to the Playstation 4, hopefully it will attract even more players. The Dragon’s Crown Pro release date is, once again, coming May 15 to the Playstation 4.