The Division: Ubisoft Bans A Player For Making A Photo Mode

The online action role-playing video game developed by Massive Entertainment Tom Clancy’s The Division has a high fan base and unfortunately for those who are too much of a fan they can get banned by Ubisoft.

If we look at the history of games and how the development has taken place we come at one word and that is collaboration. To create a mod you don’t need to look far these days, the next modder can be under your rug. Apparently, that is the case these days. When companies need to hire some modders they simply just hire them.

Although this time the game has flipped for The Division. A user has made a photo mode violating the policy using the game and for that reason, the user has been permanently banned.

A physics student Matti Hietanen recently developed a program called Cinematic Tools, that allows players to take control of the in-game camera. This is applicable to Battlefield 1, Dark Souls 3 and of course The Division.

The Tool is relatively standard compared to any photo mode and because of its simplicity, it allows players to turn off the HUD, stop time, and move the camera around in order to line up for a perfect shot.

Hietanen had this tool made back in 2016, but it could not resurface because of Ubisoft’s anti-cheat measures although until recently Hietanen re-optimized the tool to get around Ubisoft’s anti-cheat measures. Some really nice pictures of the Division’s well-realized post-apocalyptic New York spawned up.

With that said it took Ubisoft not more than a week to take action against Hietanen by completely banning him from the Division. Also, Ubisoft has complete right to ban him as the tool is not designed to allow people to cheat and hence digging around in the game’s code is against the terms of service agreement.

Since Hietanen is banned this won’t matter to him but for those who have not heard, The Division recently had its update rolled out. The Update 1.8.1 contains some fixes and has taken care of some exploits in the game.