You Can Help Cast Dick Grayson for Nightwing Movie, Director Teases “Big Things”

It has already been made clear that fans are severely interested in knowing about the actor who will get the honor of playing Dick Grayson in the upcoming Nightwing movie. While director Chris McKay has repeatedly stated that any news regarding casting will have to wait, there is nothing stopping him from obtaining some feedback from the community about who they would personally pick out for the lead role.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, McKay started a poll to ask everyone about the “most important quality” in a actor that would be perfect for the project. The votes are currently in favor of the actor being a “badass martial artist” and in second for being “vulnerable, emotional” in some manner. The actor being a “recognizable movie star” is dead last.

McKay has previously mentioned that he wants an actor who can do justice to Dick Grayson by performing a lot of real stunt work. On the same front, he has also noted that he will take his sweet time to finalize the cast for the Nightwing movie. The selection process will not be rushed in any way.

It was last week when McKay teased that an update about where the project currently lies would be given on Valentine’s Day next week. The director went early on that promise, sharing today that that the script is expected to be finalized very soon. However, like before, fans should not expect any casting news. They can, though, expect “big things” to come their way in the months ahead.

Warner Bros. has yet to announce a release date for the Nightwing movie. For now, the project looks to be hovering around 2020 or 2021, alongside Man of Steel 2.