Asus BIOS Update Enables AMD Ryzen 2000 Series APUs Compatibility With Existing AM4 300 Series Motherboards

One of the cool things about the AMD AM4 platform is that upcoming AMD Ryzen 2000 series APUs will work with current AMD 300 series motherboards. This means that if you have one of these motherboards then you need not upgrade to the 400 series motherboards if you want to run the upcoming AMD Ryzen 2000 series APUs. A new Asus BIOS update is out now that will allow you to do so.

The Asus BIOS update for AMD Ryzen 2000 series APUs compatibility has been released ahead of time as we know that the AMD Ryzen 2000 series APUs will be coming out on the 12th of February. We have had a couple of leaks and also got the official benchmarks from AMD regarding the upcoming chips and they seem to be very impressive as compared to integrated Intel HD graphics as well as some entry-level graphics cards.

You can check out the complete list of motherboards that have received the Asus BIOS update below:

Asus BIOS Update AMD Ryzen 2000 Series APUs

Review kits of these chips have been sent to reviewers and we will hear about them in a few days. If you are interested in checking out the performance of the AMD Ryzen 2000 series APUs then you can check out the benchmarks of the chips below:

If you still need more information regarding the upcoming chips then you can click here to learn eveything there is to know in one place. AMD CEO Lisa Su also talked about AMD Raven Ridge and she said that this is just the first step. The following were here words regarding the matter:

The Raven Ridge/Ryzen Mobile design was sort of like the first step, but we are nowhere near done with everything that can be done, so you are going to see that power profile get better and better as new systems come out. So yes, I am very optimistic about the whole, like I said, I am simply amazed with some of the things that you can do, or we can do with in partnership with the OEMs.

AMD Ryzen chips with AMD Vega graphics are also coming to the laptop market and we have checked out a few laptops that come with these chips. If you are interested in seeing how well these chips perform then be sure the check out the video included below:

Let us know what you think about these upcoming AMD Ryzen 2000 series APUs and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these chips when they come out in a few days.