These Are The Exotics We Want From XUR The Next Time He Visits Destiny 2(9/2/2018)

Every week XUR makes his way to Destiny 2, each time he visits he comes to a different planet and it is up to the guardians to seek him out. Each week XUR brings his unusual assortment of Exotic items that Guardians can grab by giving him the Legendary Shards.

However, each week he visits, he brings a limited number of exotics with him that remain constant for the duration of his stay and there are many Exotics in the game that players really want to get their hands-on as these exotics feature abilities that suit with players play style and here we will discuss and list the Exotics that we want XUR to bring the next time he visits Destiny 2.

What We Want From XUR

Destiny 2 is all about grinding and collecting the perfect gear that suits every player’s particular play style. Exotic gear is the best gear in the game and there are many ways to acquire them and one of them is Through XUR who arrives every week.

However, he doesn’t bring every desired exotic gear every week and here are the Exotics we want XUR to bring the next time he arrives in Destiny 2.


Let’s begin with the Coldheart which is an Exotic Trace rifle and has no class restriction to it, meaning Guardians of all classes can equip this exotic weapon.

Coldheart can be obtained by completing the campaign or reaching level 20. Initially, this Exotic weapon could not be obtained by any means other than completing the campaign till December 5, 2017.

While this gun can be obtained by completing the campaign, there are a lot of players out there who missed the opportunity to grab this weapon and are waiting for XUR to bring it with him so that they can buy it from him and that is why we want XUR to bring Exotic the next time he visits.

The reason why guardians want their hands on this exotic is its special ability which is that it increases the damage as long as it remains on a target. Also, this weapon has a magazine size of 100 making it a desired Exotic to have.

Karnstein Armlets

Karnstein Armlets is one of the most desired Exotics in Destiny 2 and we want XUR to bring it with him the next time he comes to Destiny 2. Also, this Exotic armor is exclusive to Warlock Class and there is a good reason why this Exotic armor is in demand among the Guardians in Destiny 2.

The reason why this Exotic Warlock armor is is demand is its ability to grant the wearer increased resilience and mobility along with highlighting the injured enemies. Not only that, this Exotic armor also restores health with a melee kill. This Exotic armor is best for those who like to play the game dangerously.

Crown of Tempests
Crown of Tempests is another one of the Destiny 2 exotics that is wanted by the Guardians. It is an exotic Warlock helmet that we want XUR to bring it with him as he visits us in the game tomorrow.

This Exotic Helmet can also be acquired through an Exotic Engram. The reason why this Exotic helmet is the desired object for Guardians belonging to Warlock Faction is its special ability which increases the recharge rate of Arc abilities following the ARC ability Kill.

What it does is that, if you are playing a Warlock with Arc abilities then this Exotic armor can recharge the Arc abilities quickly which in turn will give players a quick way to use their ARC abilities to defeat enemies.

Lunafaction Boots
Lunafaction Boots is another one of the in-demand Exotics that Guardians would kill for to get their hands on one. One of the reasons this Exotic is sought after is its good looks and it also makes its wearer look classy.

However, this is not the only reason why this Exotic is in-demand among the guardians. Aside from its good looks, Lunafaction Boots has a special ability called “Alchemical Etchings”.

What “Alchemical Etchings” special ability does is that it automatically reloads the weapon of the wearer’s allies and skips the reload animation for all of them. However, this can only be done by the wearer has deployed a rift to protect him or his allies from enemy fire.

These are the exotics we want XUR to bring the next time he visits Destiny 2. Is there any other Exotic weapon, armor, or gear you want XUR to bring? Let us know in the comments.