Westworld Guide – Hosts, Tasks, Gems, Upgrades, Roles (Tips and Tricks)

Managing parks has never been so complicated, has it? You may be wondering how you can increase the number of hosts in your park or how you can level them up quickly, and you should since it is not a straightforward process. You may also be wondering when to upgrade, and when to use the gems that you are given in the game.

This Westworld Guide will tell you everything that you need to know in order to start running your amusement park. Everything from money management to the upgrades will be mentioned in this guide. So, go ahead and find out how to not waste your gems when upgrading and leveling up.

Westworld Guide

As you will know, you can construct a lot of buildings from the ones where interactions occur to maintenance. You need to pay attention to the buildings that are above the ground more since they will contribute to your park being successful.

An example of this will be having a host that can play cards in Mariposa Saloon. This is because the Saloon is where people will go to gamble and you will need to have someone there who understands what is going on.

Your hosts can be manufactured using a host code. Most of them will only get you a 1-star host but if your luck is good, then you might be blessed with a rarer host. You will usually get host codes by completing certain objectives, and you can manufacture the hosts using the manufacturing building underground.

Tips and Tricks

Let’s continue where we left off and take a look at the hosts. You can level up your hosts when you need to by keeping them busy. The more interactions that a certain host of yours has, the higher the chance for it to level up.

Try to use a host with a guest that has a matching role so that you can get bonus coins and XP. Affinities which match will also yield you bigger bonuses.

It is also important to remember that your hosts can get sick and die. They have artificial intelligence which can make them behave like humans in many other areas as well. If this happens, send them to the diagnostics for repair.

It is important that you keep an eye on your roster at all times so that you are instantly aware if one of your hosts is sick.

Hosts and Roles

Make sure that you do not have your hosts working way too much. Overworking them is not a good idea because it will increase their glitching percentage which essentially means that they could die.

If the arrows above your hosts are not green when you open your roster management screen, then it is probably a good idea to take your host to diagnostics so that it can heal properly and serve you in the future.

Also, make sure that the role of your host matches the role of the guest. IF this does not happen then there is a decent chance that your host will complete tasks with only a small percentage of satisfaction rating and will soon die if the rating falls below 50 percent.

It will also lower the happiness of your park so make sure to check if the role of your host and your guest matches before you assign them together.

Tasks, Gems, and Upgrades

You have three different tasks for you to complete. Click the checklist button on the right side to access them all. Auto-Tasks can be done in the office. They are very simple to do, as you only need to press a button and then wait for the task to complete itself. They are a good way to farm coins and XP.

Daily Tasks are tasks given to you every day that you can complete to get rewards. The rewards for the Daily Tasks are much larger and can sometimes even be gems or a host code if you manage to complete all of your tasks in a single day.

Objectives are long-term tasks that you can complete in a set amount of time. Their rewards are by far the best and can sometimes be specific host codes or general host codes. Keep an eye on your progress and you should be able to complete them in their due time, as rushing these long-term objectives will not be a viable strategy.

Since you will now be receiving money, make sure you do not waste your gems on useless stuff such as speeding up certain things. Try to save your gems and then buy something useful from them such as a premium host code from the shop.

Lastly, make sure you take your time upgrading your buildings. If you unlock certain services which you cannot provide, then it will backfire and have an adverse effect on your Park.

That is all we have for our Westworld Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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