The Witcher: Geralt Of Rivia Fights The Ultimate Boss, Chuck Norris

When talking about video game “slaughter machines”, Geralt of Rivia  – or the so-called Butcher of Blaviken – of The Witcher franchise is (probably) the first name that comes to mind. What happens though when Geralt has a new mission, to get rid of the ultimate “monster”? You’ll be amazed by the outcome.

Ben Bergmann is one of the most iconic Geralt of Rivia cosplayers up until now. On Facebook alone, the talented artist has more than 250,000 subscribers. His cosplays of the Witcher are so realistic that he even had the chance to meet Doug Cockle at Gamescom, the man who lent his voice to the Witcher in video games. In a new video on his Facebook page, Maul Cosplay, gets a new contract as Geralt, to get rid of the ultimate boss, Chuck Norris. What could happen in this battle though? Take a look:


As you see, even the powerful Chuck Norris doesn’t stand a chance against the White Wolf. In the real world, such a fight would be a bit more climactic but, what can we say, the outcome was surprising nonetheless. Who would have thought that when the white hood comes out, the famous Chuck Norris would appear? After all, Chuck Norris is the guy that was bitten by a cobra and after five days of excruciating pain… the cobra died.

Another cosplay transformations by Maul Cosplay sees him as Joel from The Last of Us, Adult Noctis from Final Fantasy and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. However, his Witcher cosplay is far his most amazing work, with him even having the chance to do a photoshoot in CD Projekt Red headquarters.

Don’t forget that the Witcher TV series is going to be coming to Netflix at some point with the showrunner being Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the producers behind Daredevil and The Defenders.