Shadow of the Colossus Agro Guide – Agro Tricks, How to Perform

The much-awaited remake is finally here, and there is a strong chance that the majority of the newer players will have no idea how to do the Agro tricks in the game. Agro tricks are very important as they can be used for a plethora of things when playing the game.

This Shadow of the Colossus Agro Tricks Guide will give you a brief introduction to all of the Agro tricks that exist within Shadow of the Colossus. It will tell you what each of the Agro tricks does, and how can you perform the Agro trick followed by the best way to use the Agro trick.

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Shadow of the Colossus Agro

There are a total of eight different Agro tricks available to you in Shadow of the Colossus. Each of them is unique and they are done by your horse. They are there to help you with your playthrough of the game but they can also be used to show off, as all of them look really cool when done.

Let’s go ahead, take a look at each of the eight different Agro tricks, and see how you can use them when you are playing the game.

Agro Tricks – How to Perform

We will start off by taking a look at the standard 180 turn and go through all of the Agro tricks such as the Pet, Quick Stop and the Riding on the Side.

The most basic of all of the tricks is the 180 turn. As the name says, this will make you turn all the way to your backside in an instant and go in that direction. To do it, press the X button twice and pull down the left stick at the same time that you do so. This can be great for evading or simply changing direction.

The Hill Jump makes you jump over the edge of a small hill or bump. It will happen automatically when Agro comes near one.

Stand While Riding looks amazing when you do it. It can also allow you to do other Agro tricks once you are doing it. Hold down R1 and triangle at the same time and you will stand on top of your horse as it continues to ride.

Jump Off is a follow up to the Stand While Riding trick. This will allow you to jump off your horse provided that you are standing on it. To do the Jump off, simply press the X button when in the middle of the gallop.

Pet is exactly as the name suggests. If you are standing right beside your horse, then you can press the circle button to start petting him. You can also pet your horse if you are mounted on top of it, but it can only be done if you and the horse are not moving.

You can Quick Stop your horse by pressing the left stick down and then pressing X at the same time. This is great if you need to look at an area that you are heading into before you actually go in.

Similar to the last one, you can Quick Start your horse by pressing the exact same combination that you did for the Quick Stop. This will immediately make Agro start moving.

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The last trick that you can do is known as Riding on the Side. This is the hardest trick to do. You can do it by pressing the triangle button while you hold down R1. After this move the left stick to the side that you want to ride Agro on. Keep on practicing until you master this trick, as it can be very useful.

That is all we have in our Shadow of the Colossus Agro Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!