Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Update Version 1.2 Deals With Freezing Issue

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon just had its update version 1.2 released. Contains various fixes to improve the gameplay experience. Although for some time the details of the specific fixes were not specified, we now have more information about what to expect.

The details of the Updates are given below:

Version 1.2
Release Dates: February 7th, 2017

536 Blocks

It fixes a bug where Ion Deluge no longer functions
It fixes a bug where Curse, Forest’s Curse, Power Trick and String Shot could cause the game to freeze during Live Competitions
Various Bug Fixes
This update is required for your game to go online.
Battle Videos recorded before this patch can no longer be viewed

Some changes have been made to the moves of the characters such as ion deluge, curse, power trick, string shot and forest’s curse. Most of these were responsible for causing the game to freeze. Well, now the freeze has been taken care off to some extent. Although this does not entirely fix the freeze issue still this certainly does reduce it.

Until the major update that focuses on the freezes issue, this update version 1.2 for the game Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is something to hang on to.

Also in order to access online functions of the game, you need to update the game to the version 1.2.Speaking of Pokemon, this game is one of the cornerstone franchises for Nintendo and based on a Nintendo survey the game may also be coming on Nintendo Switch.

Also, this is a huge year for Pokemon game as the Company has recently announced that they will be giving out free legendary Pokemon for the players to obtain in Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon each month. Although it depends on which version you are playing.

So now you can add one legendary Pokemon from older generation to your present game.