Overwatch League Has Its First Female Player, Three New Additions To The Shanghai Team

The multiplayer online first-person shooter video game Overwatch has been known for its lack of female representation at its highest levels. Well, that is not the case now, to some extent that is. The Overwatch League now have their very first Female professional player.

Based on a report from ESPN, a South Korean female player will be joining the dragons very soon as one of the new additions to the Shanghai team. The female player goes by the name “Geguri”. The Shanghai team has been struggling for quite some time now and in past few weeks, they have had their eyes pierced for a good talent. They have made three new additions to their team and among them is Geguri.

Geguri is a remarkable player who first gained recognition within overwatch circles when other players started noticing her win percentages and statistics. Geguri plays as the Zarya character. With her rising notoriety also came cheating accusations. Although Blizzard Korea cleared her name she bounced back right into action to probably nail down those players who accused her of cheating within the game.

Previously Geguri has played in APEX on professional Overwatch team ROX Orcas as well. With all that said there were some rumors in the air that the Overwatch League does have some prejudice against the female players. There were although some things that have been overshadowing the League because as discussed earlier due to lack of female players such talks do tend to take place.

Not only that the Overwatch League is not as clean as it appears; its nothing new that the community of this game has been struggling with toxicity especially toxicity against female players. Many stories have pointed out that the lack of female players could also be the possibility of such prejudices against women.

With all that said, let us hope that this new addition to the League really helps clear the image as well as open better doors to the gaming sport.

For those who did not know the Overwatch League now also has a dedicated mobile app that is available to download for both Andriod and iOS.