Race To Nvidia Volta GTX 1180: It Seems China Is A Tough Act To Follow

There has been a lot of debate regarding whether the upcoming architecture for gaming graphics cards from team Green will be Nvidia Volta or Ampere but it seems that China has beat Nvidia in its own game by launching a laptop powered by none other than the Nvidia Volta GTX 1180. Took us by surprise as well.

The laptop in question is a replica of Alienware and all the Chinese company needed to do was remove the “e” and Volta you have the GTX 1180 as well as the AMD Threadripper 1900X 16 core CPU in a laptop form factor. I have no idea how this laptop is going to dissipate all that heat but it is surprising that there is a laptop with an Nvidia Volta GTX 1180 inside even before we have seen a desktop version.

Is this how afraid Nvidia is of the upcoming AMD Vega mobile series of graphics cards that the Nvidia Volta GTX 1180 is coming to laptops beforehand? Without an official announcement of any kind. The fun does not stop there, the laptop also comes with a 6K display and 64 GB of RAM. At least that is what it says on the box.

The Nvidia Volta GTX 1180 plus AMD Threadripper 1900X combination is something that we have not seen till now in a laptop form factor and it is unlike that we will see anything like this in the years to come. If this is hard to believe then you can check out the images included below:

If you thought that is all that you needed you also get 2 TB of SSD storage which should be plenty for whatever you have planned. If this is indeed something that is coming out then this is a pretty impressive machine but it is highly unlikely that a Chinese company has started selling a laptop powered by the Nvidia Volta GTX 1180 without Nvidia making an official announcement.

The name is pretty off for me, the next generation card would be called the 2080 and not GTX 1180. The name clearly states Nvidia Volta and if this was based on the Volta architecture it would not be called GTX 1180, that implies that it is based on the Pascal architecture instead. We are going to try and contact the selling in order to see whether or not this is some kind of joke.

Let us know what you think about this laptop and whether or not you think there will be a Nvidia Volta GTX 1180.