Monster Hunter World PSN Servers Back Online After Scheduled Maintenance

Monster Hunter World servers were down for maintenance earlier today. But players would be happy to know that the servers are back on top right now.

The PSN servers were down for approximately 2 hours, which started yesterday on 7thFeb at 4 pm PST  and today Feb 8th at 12 am GMT they back online.  During that time the players were not able to play online although they still could take on quests in single player mode.

The official Twitter account also posted some information about the issue with matchmaking on Xbox One that the development team is working very hard to solve. The team has apologized for the delay and are really looking forward to improving the issue.

Recently Monster Hunter World update for Xbox One version was going through this matchmaking issue to which a fix was released. Apparently, it seems as if the update was not able to fix it properly and that is why they are currently working on it.

Players who have been trying to join up with a friend have been facing difficulties for quite some time now. Monster Hunter is a game that mostly requires teamwork to perform certain tasks like taking down big monsters like Elder Dragons. Not being able to team up in order to take those monsters down beats the purpose of the online multiplayer.

That said, let us hope that this time they get this Matchmaking fixed up and running. With that hopefully, the PSN servers will be completing their maintenance by Feb 9th unless any other news regarding it pops up.
We will surely let you guys know.