Metro Exodus: More Enemies And Weapons, Native 4K And HDR On Xbox One X

Metro Exodus, the next addition to the Metro franchise is one of Deep Silver’s most anticipated titles this year. Yesterday we got to know that the game will feature a much larger open world without compromising the franchises main selling points. Now, more information about Metro Exodus emerges, including reports about more weapons and enemies as well as its state on Xbox One X.

According to Game Informer’s latest issue (#299), Metro Exodus will feature a whole new weapon system and overhauls to the franchise’s existing mechanics. The news later hit Reddit and Twitter letting all fans know what to expect when playing the game. Now here’s some good reason to hype about Metro Exodus’ release.

As detailed by Reddit user Doit4TehLulz, the game will feature many more weapons as well as new enemies, unique to each area, environment. Each base weapon will allow up to 5 attachments and you’ll be able to holster your weapon like in STALKER, which means you can no longer harm NPCs. Regarding the map size, the Redditor said that compared to the Last Light map which was 111 meters x 200 meters big, Metro Exodus’ biggest area will be 2000 meters x 2000 meters wide.

Furthermore, the stealth system will be overhauled and the game will now feature dynamic weather and passage of time (day-night cycle). It’s crafting system will allow you to instantly create items by scavenging the resources needed and side quests will reward you with moral points and gear.

According to shinobi602 on Twitter, the game will implement physics-based rendering, overhauled lighting and full facial capture for cinematics. Regarding Metro Exodus’ Xbox One X edition, Game Informer states that there will be native 4K resolution and HDR support.

Metro Exodus is scheduled to launch sometime in 2018 and is in development by 4A Games for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Recent reports indicate that the game will use every bit of PS4 Pro power. Are you hyped yet?