Destiny 2 Player Count Reaches a Record Low, Trials of the Nine a Flop

Destiny 2 player count is something that is becoming a concern for the community as well as Bungie if the developers are paying attention. The recently held trials of the nine the lowest Destiny 2 player count to date. Players across all platforms showed a lack of interest in this event, which is usually a celebrated occasion with high community engagement.

As for February 7, the peak player count was:

  • PlayStation: 46,165
  • Xbox One: 24,161
  • PC: 7,488

This paints a very bleak picture of Destiny 2 because the game has only been around for about 5 months. It should be enjoying a healthy number of players but due to some odd and shady development choices, Bungie has turned Destiny 2 into a PR disaster.

Public opinion is mostly in the negative and many YouTube content creators are shifting to other games, leaving Destiny 2 behind.

Another Destiny Youtuber Patrick Casey, “Destiny 2 just isn’t the type of game that needs the content that I make right now. When every weapon is more or less the same thing, do you really need me to tell you that, multiple times per week?”

Meanwhile, MiscKingGothalian is also distancing himself and said “I love Destiny. Always will. Always have. But it’s time to separate my channel branding away from that game to promote future growth.”

There are so many things the community is complaining about and we do know that the developers are working on improvements. Especially, with new content roadmap detailing improvements to the game, we can’t rule out Destiny 2 just yet.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

What features and improvements would you like to see in Destiny 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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