Tekken Mobile Guide – Waza Cards, Best Fighters (Tips and Tricks)

Tekken Mobile Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about getting started with the Mobile Version of Tekken.

Just because it is a mobile version of the game, it does not mean that the game is not challenging at all. It has the same difficulty curve of the normal game and here we have some tips and tricks with the help of which you will be able to quickly get in action. There are also some new and unique elements in Tekken, which we have also detailed below!

Tekken Mobile Guide – Tips and Tricks

Currently, Tekken is an online fighting game. It has a decent selection of fighters from the Tekken universe and has some new tricks up its sleeve as well for you such as the Waza cards. Let us start with the tips and tricks.

Learn the Controls

Since Tekken is a mobile fighting game, you will have to use the onscreen buttons to fight. That too are not very complicated.

Tapping on the screen will attack the opponent, pressing and holding will initiate guard stance while holding your finger down on the screen will launch your heavy attack. All these controls are pretty simple while you have the option of using Waza cards for advanced character moves.

All command prompts are there on the screen, you just have to tap in the right place. It is vital that you get comfortable with the controls as quickly as possible because right after the initial introductory levels of the game.

Tekken starts getting a little tough. You can practice as much as you like to get comfortable with the controls before you head to the online battles.

Using Waza Cards

Waza cards are a new introduction in Tekken mobile. They are used to grant special moves and skills to the fighters. You can unlock Waza cards by collecting shards unique to each fighter. They provide an easy way to land advanced attacks on your opponents rather than complex combo inputs.

For a mobile device, these Waza cards are a great option because they eliminate the need for any advanced combo maneuvers. You should keep collecting the shards until you have the fighter that you really want to build on. Once you have that fighter unlocked, start building up your Waza card deck.

Building the best deck is not enough when it comes to Waza cards. You must use them effectively during battles as well. The best way to learn about using different Waza cards is to practice with them. Learn which Waza card move is suitable in different situations is vital for you. Each Waza card move is not suitable for every scenario.

Another aspect to keep in mind while using these Waza cards is that every Waza card move takes a specific amount of time before they are launched.

Some moves are instant while some are charging moves and might take a second or two to land. During this time, you will be prone to attacks by the opponent. Make sure you know when to land a Waza card move most effectively.

The same thing goes for the move distance. Some attacks are melee while some are ranged. Make sure you are maintaining the proper distance while using these Waza cards.

If you are not careful, you might end up launching a melee attack while at a distance. Make sure you are well aware of your deck and use the correct card at the right time.

The last thing to remember about these Waza cards are the Waza combos. You can use multiple Waza cards to land deadly combos but make sure that these combos are pre-planned before launching them.

Landing a Waza combo will require timely inputs and precision so make sure that you practice much before using them.

Best Fighters

At the moment there are a lot of famous characters from the Tekken world in the game. You can choose anyone you like once they are unlocked. You can unlock more fighters by collecting fragments.

The only way to unlock these fragments is via chests, packages, and rewards. Sometimes if you are lucky, you might even get a new character straight out of the chest or a package.

You can also pay real-world money to buy characters but that is purely optional and the game does not force you to pay real-world money. Collect enough fragments and then simply tap the fighter to unlock it. It is as easy as that.

When it comes to fighters, there are certainly important elements that must be kept in mind. One of these is the option to level up your fighters. You can level up all your fighters in the game and you can do it using shards.

These shards are obtained by chests, packages and as rewards. Just like with the fighter unlocks, keep the shards safe until you get the fighter that you really want to upgrade.

There are also fighter specific skills that you can upgrade to make the fighters even more powerful. They are pretty easy to upgrade, simply go to the skills menu and choose whichever skill you want to keep with that fighter. Upgrading skills will help you take down fighters of much higher level than yours.

During fights, your fighters also tend to be injured which is yet another new element introduced in Tekken mobile. To heal an injured fighter, you can tap on the fighter and select the option of healing them.

For this, you must have a healing material, which can be obtained, by chests, packages and as rewards. Make sure your fighter is healed before heading to a battle.

Practice as Much as you Can

Nearly every aspect of Tekken mobile requires practice. Whether they are the controls, using waza cards, waza card combos or getting comfortable with your favorite fighter.

Practicing will also make your fighting style more fluent and you can keep your opponents flying in the air with deadly combos. We recommend that you spend a good deal of time practicing different aspects of Tekken before taking the fight online because the game is highly competitive just like its console counterparts.

This concludes our Tekken Mobile Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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