Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC Coming With New Character Customization and More

“Clone Wars” DL C is confirmed for Star Wars Battlefront 2. with that, the player customization will also be rolling out. According to a DICE employee Dennis Brannvall, the DLC and the player customization will be rolling out soon.

On a forum of the game Star Wars Battlefront 2, fans were allowed to ask questions. Some of the fans asked about the clone wars and some about the character customizations, to which the company developer has confirmed that they both are on their way.

For a long time, the fans of Battlefront 2 have been waiting for a Clone War DLC and until now DICE didn’t confirm it. Player customization has been in the talks on social media for quite some time. Especially since the video leak of the PC version of the game that showed the change appearance option in the game.

Additionally, it was also pointed out that there is a huge possibility of a Conquest game mode in the future. The developer Denis Brannvall said that the company is addressing the concerns raised by the fans asking for more open, free-flowing large mode like Conquest.

Although he did say that the company is not sure that porting a mode over is the correct way to do this or not but they certainly are working on it.

Moving on, Star Wars Battlefront 3 has been on the mind of many players and unfortunately, it seems like the company Electronic Arts have not planned it yet, many have been pointing out that this probably has something to do with the Battlefront’s Loot Box controversy.

If you did not know that Battlefront 2 has really been killing the market with its single player mode then you certainly need to check it. Recently in the EAs financial report, it was announced that Battlefront 2 has had 70% of players in its single-player campaign.

With all that said, we certainly have something really good to look forward to, the DLC and the character customization for the game Star Wars Battlefront 2.