Rumor: Ridge Racer 8 And Metroid Prime 4 Might Be Exclusive To Nintendo Switch

Very recently a Youtuber that goes by the name Doctre81 came across a LinkedIn profile of a lead designer of Bandai Namco Singapore team that has multiple projects listed down with some details. The list and the details are apparently pointing towards two games Ridge Racer 8 and Metroid Prime 4 which might possibly be exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

There are other projects as well, like the upcoming combat game Ace Combat 7 which according to the discovered profile suggests that it will be exclusive to PS4 and PS4 VR. Coming to the anticipated rumor, what we have found written there is an unannounced IP referred to as first-person shooter/adventure game with that it has been made exclusive to Switch.

Most of the audience have presumed this unannounced IP to be non-other than the Metroid Prime 4. As Metroid Prime 4 is itself an upcoming first-person shooter/adventure game which makes this rumor pretty much convincing that this unannounced IP could possibly be it.

While the gaming community speculates on this, another rumor that has originated from the same source is that Ridge Racer 8 is mentioned by name and appears to be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. If you guys remember that we have not had any news regarding Ridge Racer 8 since its previous part, this could prove to be a good news for the fans that if it does come through it will be exclusive to Switch.

Considering the source what we have is a confirmed LinkedIn profile of a Bandai Namco Singapore developer. Although none of the rumors are official. The only source we have is that Profile which although may be legit but the date of the profile update is 2016. Which could also mean that its pretty old and a lot many changes could have happened already.

One thing has to be kept in mind that these are strictly rumors and even the screenshot of the profile is taken from a video uploaded by Doctre81 to which he apparently could not provide a link so it could be totally fake as well.

Never the less one thing that can be taken out of this rumor is that if this does prove to be true which is highly unlikely, these games will then be exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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