Loot Boxes May Possibly Get Banned In Germany; What It Could Mean for Video Games?

A research conducted by the Unversity Of Hamburg aimed to find out how does the Loot Boxes actually work in the video games. And according to their finding, there are too many elements of gambling present in the current loot boxes monetization structure.

On top of that, the German Youth Protection Commission upon viewing the results of this research are seriously considering to ban Loot Boxes in Germany.

If Loot Boxes are deemed a platform for gambling then it will presumably be violating the laws against promotion of gambling to children and adolescents.

Keeping this in mind, Youth Protection Commission will be making its decision regarding the Loot Boxes in March. Also, the chairman of the commission Wolfgang Kreißig said that it is not something too difficult to comprehend.

To him its pretty simple; if these Boxes violate existing regulations to protect the children and adolescents then the ban will surely be implemented.

This is not the first time any country has considered these Boxes as gambling. The United Kingdom has also been making similar statements about the Loot Boxes. Washington State Senator recently introduced a bill that will task and enable the state officials and game developers to determine that whether these Boxes contain elements of gambling or not.

What this could mean for the already existing games that support Loot Boxes is the real question. Games like PUBG, Star Wars Battlefront, NFS Payback, Call of Duty WW2, Assassin’s Creed Origins, FIFA 18, Destiny 2 really have a major cost coverage from these Loot Boxes.

Not only that, for the gaming community these boxes really help in enhancing the gameplay and making the games more interesting and long-lasting. Considering that a major chunk of these games that support Loot Boxes are played in Europe.

If Germany bans it, it could possibly influence other countries as well and in near future, these boxes may come to a halt.  A recent research also found out that 1 in 10 developers will be using Loot Boxes which are because of increasing development costs.

With all that said, there also is a news contrary to this as well. Apparently, New Zealand’s department of internal affairs has the view that these boxes do not meet the legal definition of gambling and hence they can not be treated as a violation of the law.

Overall there could be a significant change that could take place if these Loot Boxes get banned and with that, it could really influence the already existing games that support Loot Boxes.