Hackers Win (For Now) As Upcoming PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Facess Issues

Hacking is a major issue with PUBG and while devs are doing everything they can to keep cheaters under control, their efforts aren’t as fruitful as they should be. However, recently we heard about a PUBG anti-cheat update that was supposed to control hackers on PC.

But unfortunately, the update is facing issues and is not going to be released on time; which means hackers have more time to plague the game with their nonsense.

PUBG anti-cheat update is delayed inevitably but a final release date will be announced soon. It is unclear what kind of issues the update is facing but it is safe to assume that the anti-cheat system wasn’t as useful as they may have thought so it needs more time.

While this update is delayed, another update actually made it to the Xbox Game Preview program. The update fixed a number of problems introduced by a recent PUBG patch.

We received a lot of great feedback following the changes made to vehicle/player damage. We continue to tune and balance this element of gameplay and are therefore reverting back to increased damage if a player is struck by a vehicle.

There are many aspects that need to change and improve in Battlegrounds. However, PUBG anti-cheat measures should be the top priority right now.

What features and improvements would you like to see in PUBG next? Let us know in the comments below.

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