Get Ready To Play A Rainbow Six Siege Free Xbox Weekend Before New Update

Once again Ubisoft is advertising a Rainbow Six Siege free Xbox weekend before the game puts out another update, allowing Xbox users that might be interested in the game but haven’t picked it up yet to try the game out. The free weekend wilfl be starting at 12:01 AM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday.

Rainbow Six Siege has proven to be a very profitable game for Ubisoft, with a large number of different players all joining up to fight terrorists across the globe. However, the upcoming update will not only bring more terrorists and operators, but also an entirely new scenario: zombies.

The newest Rainbow Six Siege update, composed of both a new operation (Operation Chimera) and a special Outbreak event, will be starting on March 6 of this year. It will be part of the game’s first-ever cooperative game mode. Rather than a team of terrorists fighting a team of operatives, the Outbreak game mode will be both teams fighting to survive against the horrors you’ll be facing in the Outbreak event.

With the new event and whatnot coming up, the Rainbow Six Siege free Xbox weekend is a good time for new players to be able to get used to the game’s control scheme. If you decide to buy the game after the free weekend, you’ll have all of your progress saved, meaning that if you unlock any weapons or achievements, you won’t have to unlock them again in this game.

However, unlike other free weekends, players apparently won’t be able to get the game for half price, so you’ll likely have to pay full price, and that’s not even getting into the various different DLCs that you’ll have to buy in order to get all the different operators and stuff.

Either way, if you own an Xbox One, you’ll be able to play the Rainbow Six Siege free Xbox weekend this Thursday.