Battalion 1944 Manorhouse v2 Guide – How to Play, Map Callouts, Attack and Defense

Battalion 1944 Manorhouse v2 is a very weird map for Battalion. It was one of the first maps that were playable and has gone continuous upgrades to make it ready for competitive play. However, the map is still very difficult to play as the entire mid area is completely open and you can get shot from multiple places.

This Battalion 1944 Manorhouse v2 Guide will ensure that you have a basic idea of the map before you head on over to play Wartide. We will acquaint you with all of the basic theory behind the map and give you some tips and tricks on how your team can work together efficiently and which strats you should use to outsmart the opposition.

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Battalion 1944 Manorhouse v2 Map

Manorhouse as a map is something completely different to the other maps. Whereas the other competitive based maps are built around towns that harbored the Second World War, Manorhouse v2 is a direct representation of the trenches.

It is an area that has been desecrated by war and yet, the armies fight over the remains. For this reason, this map will probably not be enjoyed by a fair portion of the community.

The defense side will probably be able to get to the bombsites first whereas the Attack Side will probably control the rest of the map. This will create a CS like atmosphere mid round where people try to gain information and picks prior to executing on a certain site.

The A site has ample cover around it for the defense to occupy so he B site seems like the ideal place for firefights. As you will know by now, this is the image we will be utilizing to mention the areas of the map that are being discussed.

Battalion 1944 Manorhouse v2 Map Guide

Manorhouse v2 Tips and Tricks

This is probably not going to be a really easy map for snipers since people will easily be able to avoid you at your common spots. However, this means that teams who manage to have a sniper who is effective on this map will be quite good at it.

You can try going to the Big Barn on defense and play around it or you can go and hold A long. However, having played competitive games of the same type in the past, I do not think that A Long will be a hotly contested spot, and will usually be used as a flanking route for the defense side. Another place for you to go will be the cowhouse to cover the A push.

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As an attack sniper, you will probably be the most starved. It will be imperative that you try and fast peek a certain area and get the opponent SMG or sniper. After this, you will probably not be that useful so all you can do is try to cover your teammates who are trying to push onto a site.

SMGs should have a lot of fun on this map. The only thing you need to watch out for are the nades, which every good team will try to do as much as they can. Apart from the fact that you can make extremely fast plays, you need to do pretty standard stuff. On attack, push into sites and try to clear them. On defense, try to ensure that the opponent SMGs are useless.

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Riflers will also be thankful for this map to an extent. There is a chance that your SMGs will be rushing routes that do not require extensive smoking. Due to this, you only need to nade certain spots to stop the enemies from getting into position and then you have the license to kill.

It is best if each rifler mans a certain site on defense whereas you can try and hold mid from afar on attack and then focus on one bombsite.

As far as strategy is concerned, this one seems like a map which will be very skill based. Kind of like Dust 2 from Counter-Strike. The attacking team will probably try to control middle to split apart the defense. The defense will then have two options.

Either they can split their defense and rotate through their spawn upon spotting the bomb, or they can fight the opposition for mid. Each team will have a preference, and the chances are that both of the playstyles will be effective in certain situations.

Lastly, there is a lot of opportunity for you to fake when you are playing on attack. You can smoke mid and surprise them with a fast A long push (will only work occasionally).

You can also smoke A long and then go for a fake or a double fake. The choice is up to you, you have the power to control the pace. Just make sure you nade the enemy rush spots and watch the flank.

That is all we have for our Battalion 1944 Manorhouse v2 Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!D

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