Battalion 1944 Game Modes Guide – Wartide, Domination, CTF, TDM, How to Play (Tips and Tricks)

There are a total of 4 Battalion 1944 Game Modes available. 2 of them are not really used in abundance by modern shooters so there is a fair chance that a large part of the player base will not be aware of how they work.

This Battalion 1944 Game Modes Guide will guide you on the basics of all four of the modes that are available within Battalion 1944 right now. We will tell you what is your basic objective in all of them, what is the win condition, and how to best play the specific mode.

However, before you start, make sure to check out our General Guide that covers all the basics of the game.

Battalion 1944 Game Modes

Of the game modes that are available to us right now, only two seem to be working properly. The main reason for that is the abysmal spawn location at which players respawn.

Most of the time, Domination and Capture the Flag will be just a mess where you die by being shot in the back by a fresh spawn. The randomized spawn also means that you can die and be completely out of the loop of the objectives.

For this reason, the best modes to play right now are Team Death Match for you to get accustomed to the game, its gun mechanics and set your aim correctly.

After that, it is best if you try to play Wartide as much as possible due to the fact that this is the default competitive mode which is in by far the best condition right now and it will automatically make you a better player by helping you manage your economy. We will take a look at the least important modes first, and then move on to Wartide towards the end.

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Domination has 3 different areas which you can capture by having more teammates in its vicinity than your enemies. The more areas you have under your control, the more points added to your score. Eventually, the team which gets a specific number of points or has more points at the end of the time limit wins the game.

There is not really any point in playing this right now for reasons that I have already mentioned above. If you are looking to improve at the game, then stay away from Domination. There is far too much luck involved in the game mode at this time for there to be any sort of skill involved.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag has two flags. One for each team. In order to score a point, you need to pick up the enemy flag and carry it over to your flag. You are unable to sprint while you have the flag and the flag is dropped once you die.

A dropped flag can be returned to the base by its team or the enemy team can pick it up and try to carry it over to their base to capture it. The game is won by either getting a specific number of captures or having more captures when the time limit ends.

This is another mod that I would advise against due to its chaotic nature. If you are looking to have fun with your friends, then this can be great. Otherwise, it is best to stay away from it when you are on the road for improvement.

Team Death Match

Everyone should know this! You kill people of the enemy team and if you have more kills at the end of the timer or you manage to reach a specific number of kills, then you win the game.

It is best if you use Team Death Match to practice your aim and have a bit of fun with the fast-paced movement that you can do. It is meant to be a practice mode and should be used as such. It is also perfect for learning new maps and seeing the effectiveness of certain smokes in real-time.

Since Battalion 1944 puts a huge emphasis on Quickscoping, we have put together a comprehensive Quickscoping Guide that will help you started on how to scope people down.


At its core, Wartide is the simple Search and Destroy mode that you have seen in countless games. However, it has an interesting economy system which adds a bit of depth to the game. You have certain classes and each class has a card.

You use a card when you pick up the class at the start time. The card carries over to the next round if you survive, but it will be dropped if you die. Once it has been dropped, it can be picked up by both your teammates or your enemies.

The card will then add to the tally of that team. The card system is completely independent of the weapons and you can still pick up the card and the weapon when you kill the enemy.

The Wartide meta will be constantly evolving when the ladders go online on Feb. 08. The best way to play as far as I can guess is to have a Pathfinder, an Operator, 2 Riflemen (they can be anything from default to rifle to heavy depending on the situation) and one sniper. The Kar98k can also be used by the sniper in case of the sniper rifle is empty.

Just make sure you manage your economy effectively, and try to retrieve the important cards like the Pathfinder and the Sniper Rifle. Beyond that, it is really difficult to say how to play this mode because that can only be seen through extensive testing. It is best if you try it out for yourself and see what seems to be working best for you.

That is all we have for our Battalion 1944 Game Modes Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!