Grab Attack on Titan Season 1 for Free From Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is currently hosting a monthly sale in its entertainment category and Attack on Titan is right up there with a very special offer.

The first season features 25 episodes in total but they are split into two separate listings. Hence, the first part of the season features the first 13 episodes and the second part ends up with the remaining 12 episodes.

The Microsoft Store will be offering the first part of the first season for absolutely free for the next week. Those interested in bagging the second part as well can take advantage of the discounted price of $9.99 that will expire at the end of the month. The second season, featuring all 12 episodes in total, has been slashed as well to the discounted price of $12.99 for the same extended duration.

It is important to note that all two seasons are dubbed in English by Funimation, which might be displeasing because most are accustomed to watching their favorite anime shows in the original Japanese language with subtitles.

The offers are also limited to the United States and Canada, but those with access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) might be able to make purchases from other regions as well.

Attack on Titan is reportedly all set to return this July with the much-awaited third season. However, fans are pretty skeptical on the premiere date. The second season took close to three years in the making after the first season concluded back in 2014. Hence, it would be really surprising if the third season dropped just after a year.

For those unaware, Attack on Titan is a highly popular anime series that is based on the manga with the same title. It is set in a world where humanity has closed itself off in cities with enormous walls, and hopes to survive against rampaging gigantic humanoids on the outside that devour anything living in sight.