Arnold Schwarzenegger Locks and Loads for Outrider Western Series by Amazon

Arnold Schwarzenegger, having grown weary from trying to prevent judgment day over the years, will now be heading to the wild west for a new television series called Outrider that is currently in development by Amazon.

According to a new report from Deadline earlier today, the former governor of California will be cleaning the spurs on his shoes in a secondary lead role. He will also be filling in as an executive producer for the project alongside Mace Neufeld.

Outrider is set in the late 1800s and follows an ambitious deputy that has been ordered to apprehend a legendary outlaw from the harsh terrains of the wild west. He will have no choice but to team up with a ruthless Federal Marshal, played by Schwarzenegger, to make sure that his mission is completed and justice is properly served.

This will be the first time that the Terminator has received a major scripted role in a television series that could possibly be received warmly by critics. Prior to this was his involvement with The Celebrity Apprentice, where he replaced Donald Trump for a single season.

Amazon is currently on a warpath to discover new smashing hits for its entertainment division. It recently invested heavily for the rights to bring The Lord of the Rings to its streaming network in an episodic form.

The company is reportedly also working on Conan the Barbarian that will be a live-action adaptation of the original stories written by Robert E. Howard and not the comic books that went into publishing a decade later in the life of the Samarian. Hence, the source material will also not turn towards the movies that starred Schwarzenegger.