I Think We Know Why Thanos’s Face is All Scratched Up and No, It Wasn’t Wolverine’s Doing

If you can only afford to watch one film this year, it must be Avengers Infinity War. It took Marvel 10 years to set it up and its trailer becomes one of the most viewed videos on YouTube to date. Fans dissected each element of the first trailer and that did the same with the new Super Bowl Tv Spot.

There are many things fans are speculating about and one of them is a scene where Thanos is shown with a banged up face. His scars look very familiar and some speculate that it was Wolverine who gave them to Thanos. Due to Disney’s acquisition of FOX and its characters, the theory makes sense as it may be the directors’ war to introduce Wolverine in the Marvel universe.

If you are interested in the Wolverine theory, we reported on it earlier so do give it a read.


As we can see, the left side of Thanos’ face is all banged up and scratched seem to be from a claw, a claw that could belong to Wolverine. It seems like the perfect set up for the character but I think there is a better explanation for Thanos’ scars.

There is a much bigger gap between each of Wolverine’s Claws but the scar lines on Thanos’ face are in close proximity.

The scars are more in line with something that comes from a paw, rather than a claw. And who has killer paws in this Universe? Well, the Black Panther.

We think that Thanos has visited Earth before the events of Infinity War and he got his butt kicked. It is possible that he came after the Soul Stone and one of ancestor’s of T’Challa (the reigning Black Panther) stopped him in his tracks, scratched his face in the process.

Thanos somehow knows where the final stone is, he knows that it is hidden in Wakanda. It is the main reason why he is interested in visiting Earth, we speculate that Thanos has tried to retrieve the stone before but failed while invading Wakanda.

Now that he has some of the other stones, the Mad Titan is powerful enough to take the Soul Stone from Wakanda this time around. This is just speculation on our part, do let us know what you think about this in the comments below.