If Fans Want It, Nintendo Will Give Mario a Belly Button

Super Mario’s nipple controversy has been in discussed ever since Super Mario Odessey released. We haven’t heard much from Nintendo since then but thankfully, the producer¬†has shared his views on the matter.

The Mario community was apparently shocked when they saw Mario shirtless in the Super Mario Odyssey. Why does Mario have nipples but not a belly button? To quote Star Wars, his lack of a belly button was disturbing.

In a recent development video, producer Yoshiaki Koizumi talked about this ongoing discussion. For the company, he said that this was something that they never expected to be noticed let alone discussed on a huge scale.

The producer although did not answer the question instantly and directly but in an indirect manner he shared a laugh on it, which was a must in this case and did share that if the fans seem to be occupied by it so much then he and the company have thought about potentially giving Mario a belly button.

Coming to the next topic of discussion Koizumi revealed that Toad’s head in Super Mario Odyssey is not a hat but that is his actual head. The producer also talked about why more coins were added, among other things.

Also, if you are a fan of Super Mario series then there is a good news for you guys; Nintendo and Illumination have partnered up for a Super Mario Bros movie.

Since the launch Super Mario Odyssey, it has been nailing down market like never before. With more than 9 Million copies sold it has become the best-selling-first-party game on Switch.