So What Exactly Do You Do In Hunt Showdown?

The upcoming game, Hunt Showdown, is one of the most anticipated games being developed by Crytek. A survival game that really looks promising and aims to do something different for its players.

For many, it does resemble other games like PUBG and Dayz but it quite different, in fact. It comes with World War 2 theme like weaponry like the Kar89, two-handed revolvers, and close melee weapons you can grab on the go.

The main objective of the game is to skillfully find and kill the creatures and return to the extraction safely. Reaching the extraction point means that you must not only face lurking creatures but other players as well.

There are multiple Hunters available with versatile weaponry that you can choose from. Multiple maps with different missions, each map has a different layout and a different time of day and a different target creature.

Since Hunt is a sandbox game you can freely move around and interact with the environment. You will also have a partner for the missions, you can use that to play with a friend from Steam as well.

So in order to complete the mission, you can break down the whole mission into 5 objectives.

  • Search for Clues
  • Narrow your Search
  • Locate the Target
  • Kill the Target (Creature)
  • Return safely to the Extraction point with your partner.

Use the Map to know your location, location of your teammate, re-supply points for ammo and health, compounds (one of which will contain your target) and exit points.

You can randomly pick compounds to find your target or the better approach would be to narrow your search by utilizing clues. Enabling the dark side you are able to look and interact with the clues. Clues help you narrow down your target by shrinking the map.

Once you have narrowed the map and the final clue leaves the only highlighted point on the map, which will be the compound where the creature is hiding. You can now go with your partner to kill that creature. Once that creature is killed you need to safely reach the exit points on the maps with your partner.

The sandbox game Hunt: Showdown is considered one of the best upcoming games this year. The Game will be available on Microsoft Windows.