Rumor: Nintendo Direct To Possibly Take Place This February

For Nintendo community, Nintendo Direct is something they all look forward to. Getting the latest insights on games and consoles is something that they do not want to miss. It is celebrated the event and we are hearing that it will return this month with big news.

Last month we had some rumors about the Nintendo direct being hosted in January and although those rumors came true still most of the games that were rumored to be included in the presentation didn’t quite make it.

Now there are some more rumors in the air which have been making their way on Twitter that there is another full-fledged presentation coming up this February.

The rumor seems to have originated from a Spanish language Twitter account of Pablo Suarez who apparently also seems to know the dates of the Nintendo Direct presentation. According to the Twitter account, the presentation will probably be taking place somewhere between 12 and 15 February.

Pablo Suarez assures that this information has been verified by two different sources. Even with these verifications, there is no way to confirm whether this rumor is true or not unless if the company makes these dates and occurrence official. Until then do not latch yourself completely to the rumor.

Apart from that, there have been some other things that have also been pointed out. It has been said that the major focus of the presentation will be on the Switch’s paid online functionality. To some extent, this does make sense because recently Nintendo did announce that it would be launching its paid online service in September.

Another theory suggests that this online functionality will enable players to download free virtual console games as long as they stay subscribed.

Metroid Prime 4, which has been rumored to be co-developed by Bandai Namco, and the upcoming Pokemon RPG for the Switch was also rumored to be detailed in the mini-presentation since these two did not make it in the January presentation there is a chance these two games also make it in the February Nintendo Direct if it holds up that is.

With all that said, it has to be made clear that all these are rumors without any confirmation from the company so until we have any legit source we have our fingers crossed.

Source: Twitter