Monster Hunter World Boulder Bone Guide – How to Farm

Monster Hunter World allows some armor crafting and here in this guide, we will explain to you about one of such items which is used to craft some vital gear. Monster Hunter World Boulder Bone is one such item and it is used to craft some of the best armors found in the game.

The problem with Boulder Bone is that it is a very rare crafting material and is very hard to find. However, in our Monster Hunter World Boulder Bone Guide, we have mentioned the exact location where you can find the Boulder Bone for all your crafting needs.

Monster Hunter World Boulder Bone – Where to Find it!

Boulder Bone is an exceptionally rare item and you will need to find it because you will be unable to craft good quality armor without it. To find Boulder Bone, you must head to Wildspire Waste. When you get there, you will be required to search in different bonepiles for Boulder Bone.

Boulder Bones are located in these different bonepiles scattered around Wildspire Waste. You will be required to loot each one for a chance of finding a Boulder Bone. You can set your path in such a way that you reach each bonepile in a sequence and loot it. Once looted, the bonepile will be refreshed in some time so once you are done from the remaining bonepiles, you can check back again.

You will be required to do quite a bit of farming for finding a Boulder Bone. If a bonepile does not give you a Boulder Bone, you can check the next one. It all depends how lucky you are. Currently, there is no other way of finding a Boulder Bone except this bonepile so your best bet for finding a Boulder Bone are these bonepiles.

On your map, you can easily locate a bonepile by its icon. If you open your map, each bonepile will be represented by a little bone icon. Head to this icon and you will come across these bonepiles. There are five bonepiles overall with one each in area 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12. You can check all these on your Boulder Bone runs.

If you want to specify a short area and keep farming in it for Boulder Bones then we recommend that you stick to the area 5. In area 5, you can easily farm three bonepiles quickly. Once you arrive at the Southwestern Camp, simply head northeast and up the narrow pathway to enter area 5.

Right in front of you, you will see two bonepiles. Loot them and then continue north to find another one. These three bonepiles are located in close proximity and they will give you pretty much a decent amount of Boulder Bone in a short time. You can travel back to the camp to refresh the bonepiles. Repeat as much as you like.

This concludes our Monster Hunter World Boulder Bone Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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