Modern Warfare 2 Backwards Compatibility For Xbox One Meme Trolled Thousands Of Fans

One of the most popular games in history of first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was about to have its backwards compatible game for Xbox One as on purpose hint in a Tweet by Xbox UK. Until they crushed the hopes of those 4,000 people that had already retweeted the meme and the 10,000 people who liked it.

Xbox UK recently dropped a hint that somewhat pointed out that the Game Modern Warfare may be made backwards compatible. After that this hint broke out like a fireball for the fans of the game. The Tweet making its popularity got hit back as the Xbox UK Tweeted again saying that it was just a meme and had no significance.

They should know better. Trolling thousands of fans is not something a company should be doing. For many, this was their love.

Modern Warfare 2 has had a players base of millions of people, for many it was the best Call of duty title. The title has had a successful history in terms of sales as well. It sold about 25 million copies, which were more than its previous title sales.

Although for the competitive Call of Duty community it was one of the worsts in terms of professional play. Still, for the public community, it is one of the best games.

Even so, that it may not be coming, few speculations that can be added is that either the company does have plans to make the game backwards compatible in near future and they were just trying to see if this would actually grow out.

Or another speculation which if proves to be true is that it was actually just a meme, that would mean they just did it on purpose.

Which company in the right mind would hint making an official Tweet about such sensitive matter? Don’t they know any better, that fans can get outraged over such memes as well?  What are your thoughts on the Xbox UK Tweet and Re-Tweet?

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