DrDisrepect Comes Back to Streaming, May Have Broken Twitch in the Process

The awaited return of DrDisrespect broke all kinds of records on Twitch and it may even break the platform itself. The self-proclaimed face of Twitch saw over 390K viewers on his return stream and went on to win his first PUBG game in two months.

Donations ranging from $5 to $5000 blew the Doc away. His entertaining stream is going to be a regular thing now and we hope Twitch can handle it. It could just be a coincidence but during his Stream Twitch crashed and many were unable to connect.

While fans of the Doc would love to believe that it was his doing but we know for a fact that Twitch can handle a much larger concurrent audience base. During last year’s E3, Twitch accommodated 1.1 million viewers so DrDirespect’s 390K is nowhere near enough to upset Twitch Servers.

For those who don’t know, Doc left to deal with some personal issues with his family. He went away in December but returned yesterday. He some minor changes to his channel including renaming the Slick Daddy Club. It club is now called “Champions Club.”

There were a number of great moments in the stream but fans were demanding a duo of Shroud. We doubt this will happen anytime soon as Shroud seems to be unhappy about DrDisrespect mentioning his name in the return stream. Many are fueled by Doc’s character but his fans love his macho avatar.

Doc currently focuses on PUBG but there are other games that he may try out soon. Which games would you like him to play? Let us know in the comments below.