Cryptocurrency Miners Are Trying To Return AMD Vega 56 Graphics Cards, Did The Bubble Burst Already?

Cryptocurrency miners seem to have started to return graphics cards in attempts to get their money back, or at least part of it. If you were wondering if that is possible then the policy is that you need a valid reason to return the card and the return needs to be made in the stated time mentioned in the returns policy. AMD Vega 56 happens to be one of the models that people are returning.

People seem to be making a pretty penny keeping in mind the inflating prices but retailers are saying that this will not affect them as most of the cards that have been sold were bought at original pricing and even the ones sold with inflated pricing have a substantial markup.

The AMD Vega 56 cards that are included below are sealed so they will be sold again but if you seal is broken and the card is used then the graphics card goes back to the manufacturer, in this case, XFX.

Cryptocurrency Miners AMD Vega 56

Why is this the case you ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Seeing how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are dropping in value it is not worth the investment as before and justifying the cost is not as simple as when Bitcoin was at $16000. Plus there are those that got on the wagon later on and are now realizing that it is indeed too late.

While mining was profitable a few weeks back it seems that the bubble is bursting and we are seeing the first signs as we speak. I think I speak for all PC gamers when I say that it was about time and that these miners have been a pain in the ass. Now it is likely that prices will go back to normal as they have been skyrocketing these past few weeks.

Keep an eye out for people that are selling used graphics cards, as they will be looking to make a quick buck and those cards are close to new and while they might not be as good for mining, they will get you through at least a year or two of gaming. There should be a couple of cool deals out there if you look for them.

Let us know what you think about Cryptocurrency miners returning AMD Vega 56 graphics cards in order to get part of their money back and whether or not you think that the mining bubble has finally burst.