Battalion 1944 Derailed Guide – How to Play, Map Callouts, Attack and Defense

Battalion 1944 Derailed is a map that is quite well balanced and has a mix of close-quarter combat with multiple long alleys where the snipers can duke it out for supremacy. However, the complex nature of the map means that many of the players will not be able to decide how to properly play it. There are areas with multiple entrances and this means that there is far too much space to cover for only five people. However, it is actually possible if you utilize your nades and smokes correctly and follow this Battalion 1944 Derailed Guide.

This Battalion 1944 Derailed Guide will ensure that you know where to go regardless of your role. We will tell you about how you can best play each spot, and how you can make the most out of your teamwork.

How to Play Battalion 1944 Derailed

Derailed follows the format that many Call of Duty maps have followed. There is the A bombsite which is in the middle of the two spawns and will be contested throughout the game, and then there is the B bombsite which is in the control of the defending team and will usually be an alternative used by the attacking team occasionally.

This map is definitely venting off the classic shooter vibe and we can be sure of the fact that there will be some amazing fast-paced gameplay on this map.

The two long alleys in the middle give your snipers ample space to take on challengers. The main thing that makes these alleys interesting is the fact that you can have two snipers or more on any team if you want.

Add to that the Kar98k rifle, and you have chances to turn the round into one massive brawl with bodies flying everywhere and nades raining down from above. As always, refer to this image for specific map callouts.

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<h3>Derailed Tips and Tricks</h3>
<p>As a sniper, you will probably already know what to do. It is quite obvious that you can go to both of the alleys and try to get a pick. However, remember that it is very easy to nade the attack side of the alley and you need to watch out for any nades that may fall on you. You can also try to go to cinema from attack or go to the B site from defense and try to take out the enemy rushers and riflers from over there.</p>
<p>The SMGs will also know what to do, especially if they have played competitive Call of Duty prior to Battalion. You need to rush on to a site and try to gain control over it. The A site can be extremely difficult to attack because it is quite near the defense spawn and thus, the defending team can take all of the important positions.</p>
<p>For this reason, the attack team will need very good nades and smokes if they plan to push the A site. The B site can be contended provided you smoke the alleys for the rushers to cross over and get to the site fast.</p>
<p>As is the custom with these classic shooters, the riflers’ primary job should be to smoke off the areas from where their team will be most vulnerable. After this, you have to go and take mid-range engagements. The best way for riflers to play is to challenge the SMGs from a far since the Thompson and the MP40 have a massive damage fall off the farther they shoot, but the rifles do not have the same weakness.</p>
<p>For the strategy, you have a lot of freedom if you the attacking team. You can either try a fast push or you can play it slow and try to execute onto a specific site. The A site is more difficult to take but you have the benefit of being safe from nades provided you know what you are doing. The B site can be good for a fast push and will definitely be the cause of some very quick rounds in competitive play. </p><div id='div-gpt-ad-1525850031141-0' class=

As a defending team, you have to set up a default and play off of picks and information. The snipers’ role is very important in the game since they have the long-range weapon and need to thin the herd prior to the execute.

The sniper also has to relay as much information as he can so that the defending team is aware of where to expect the attack. The map is very well balanced and thus, it does not matter which weapon you use as all of them can be extremely effective if used properly.

In summary, make sure you cover each other and try to utilize your teamplay to the max in order. The potential for individual plays is quite a lot in this map so try to make sure you set up your star players in the perfect position in order to utilize their skill.

That is all we have for our Battalion 1944 Derailed Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!