Battalion 1944 Coastal Guide – How to Play, Map Callouts, Attack and Defense

Coastal is an open map and was recently developed. People probably have not played it as much in the beta so it can be difficult to figure out where to go and how to properly play the map. Unlike the other maps in the game, this is a map that can be dominated by the rifles and the snipers. This Battalion 1944 Coastal Guide will give you numerous Tips and Tricks on how to properly play the map. The map is incredibly well balanced as even SMGs can be quite useful provided that they have the proper smokes around them to cover them.

How to Play Battalion 1944 Coastal

The map has a lot of open spots and thus, your rifles and snipers will be required to play their best if you want to beat your opposition. Both of the bombsites are not that easy to attack as they are fairly close to the defense spawn.

However, you can use your nades effectively to block out the defense since there are only a couple of areas from where the defense can actually get to the bombsites.

The connector area will probably be heavily contested, as will the entire mid. Smokes are absolutely crucial and there is a decent chance that teams will have 2 default classes on this map to ensure they have the required cover to execute their strats. The following callouts will be used in this guide:

Battalion 1944 Coastal

Coastal Tips and Tricks

The first class that we should discuss is the Sniper. Snipers have a plethora of places to go to and they can either play around the statue area in middle on defense or they can go all the way up to B and try to challenge the rushers coming out of the attack spawn. Alternatively, they can go all the way up to the A build and then try and fight the attack snipers near the mid arch.

The attacks snipers also have the same freedom of movement. They can either go and try to challenge the snipers in the statue area or they can go ahead and challenge the snipers in the B site or the B house. Of course, you can go through the shortcut and try to find enemies near the seafront.

The rifles and the heavy classes are also quite useful provided you know how to use them. Remember that you will have ample time to make a difference in the mid-round. You have enough range to challenge everyone and you can also try to fight the sniper since your headshot will do a one-shot kill.

However, your main job at the start of the round is to ensure that your Pathfinders and Operators can have a chance to make a difference. This means that you need to smoke off the enemy scopes or nade the opposing rushers to ensure that they are unable to get to their spots as fast as they possibly can. The open nature of the map means that your rushers will not have a good time without the appropriate cover.

Coming over to the rushers, it can be quite difficult at first as you will probably be dead wherever you try to go.

Fear not though, as soon as you play in a team environment and begin to understand the intricacies of the map, you will be able to discover holes in the enemy’s defense and manage to be effective. Since both of the teams will have effective long-range bouts, the rushers can be the absolute difference between victory and defeat.

As a team, having control of middle is absolutely necessary for both of the teams. This is because mid control will allow you to either go to the A building or rotate over to B, as both of them are close to the mid area.

An attack team can split the defense apart as soon as it has mid control whereas the defense can ensure that the attack is contained by controlling middle. Once you have mid control, you can post a sniper over there who can watch over it quite easily and then focus on the bombsites.

In summary, all that you need to succeed on this map is teamwork, grenades, and a great sniper. This is a map that is quite different from the earlier shooters in terms of playstyle and can be compared to some of the CS maps due to the linearity and the fact that executes are probably necessary for competitive play if you want to succeed.

That is all we have for our Battalion 1944 Coastal Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!