Anti-Nuclear Metal Gear Solid 5 Cinematic Played And Konami Doesn’t Know Why

Metal Gear fans who used to play Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain might have seen a particular Metal Gear Solid 5 cinematic that is related to all of the bases on a particular server not having nuclear weapons to protect themselves from attack. That cinematic played over the weekend and even Konami doesn’t know why.

The cinematic is mainly composed of Kazuhira Miller giving an impassioned speech about the evils of nuclear weapons, but this cinematic was only supposed to play after the specific circumstances had been met, mainly that every Mother Base in every player on that server no longer had a nuclear weapon available. However, suddenly that cinematic played for everyone online at the time, even though it wasn’t supposed to.

And the reason that the Metal Gear Solid 5 cinematic played is apparently a mystery even to Konami itself. The studio only knows that the cinematic triggered before every person’s nuclear weapons had been disarmed.

The nuclear weapon cinematic is part of the game’s multiplayer Forward Operating Base mode, where players can customize their own Mother Base and must protect it from other versions of Venom Snake. This was actually a subject of controversy, as it was an example of Always Online Multiplayer. Though thankfully players had the opportunity to disconnect from it in order to prevent having their hard-stolen materials get stolen by other players.

The Metal Gear Solid 5 cinematic has been fairly common knowledge for a while now after it was leaked onto the internet, but the main mystery in it isn’t that players finally decided to disarm their nukes, but who caused it.

Either way, Metal Gear Solid 5 is likely going to be left by the wayside as Konami releases Metal Gear Survive later this year, though players will still likely keep playing the game whether out of a desire to screw over Konami or just because Metal Gear zombies don’t interest them.

Either way, you can see the Metal Gear Solid 5 cinematic further up.