Ampere 32-core ARM CPU Seems Like A Rebirth Of X-Gene 3, Coming In 2018

Many of you might not have heard of Ampere, not Nvidia’s Ampere GPU architecture, but this is a new fabless semiconductor company led by former Intel execs and the company is rolling out Ampere 32-core ARM CPU as its first product that will push the ARM into the data center.

Ampere 32-core ARM CPU will be available this year and specs for the specific processor are quite familar AppliedMicro X-Gene 3 but, there is a good reason behind that.

Ampere is being funded by Carlyle Group who own AppliedMicro which explains why the Ampere 32-core ARM CPU feels like a rebirth of X-Gene 3 ARM processor.

Ampere 32-core ARM CPU features a clock speed of around 3.3 GHz with 32 MB L2 Cache, 42 PCIe lanes, support for DDR4 266 memory in 16 DIMMs and guess what? these features are the exact same for AppliedMicro X-Gene 3 ARM processor.

However, Ampere has planned out its future and its product and plans to roll out a 7 nm successor to its 32-core ARM CPU which depends on the success of the CPU itself.

It will be interesting to see how Ampere will be able to capture the ARM CPU market that is dominated by the heavyweight, Qualcomm. However, Ampere has united top class staff for its products under its roof and it is safe to assume that the company will be giving Qualcomm a run for its money.

Furthermore, Ampere will not only have competition from Qualcomm but, will also have to fight the increased price of Silicon Wafer. Manufacturers of the Silicon Wafers have announced a 20% increase in Silicon Wafer price in 2018 and if the reports are true, another 20% increase will be implemented in 2019.

This will put Ampere is a tough spot given that its a newly founded company that needs to compete with other industry heavyweights and also have to keep the price reasonable for its potential customers.

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Source: Computerbase