Grab Super Mario Odyssey From Amazon For 19% Off

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games on Nintendo Switch and if you haven’t had the chance to play the game yet then you are in luck as you can save $11.33 on the game.

Super Mario Odessey is currently available 19% off making it available for $48.66 on Amazon which makes it an attractive deal to grab the game which also happens to be one of the best Super Mario games on a Nintendo console and a successful one too.

I related news, there is a glitch in the game that lets you kill Mario. This Super Mario Odyssey glitch lets you kill Mario in the game’s co-op mode which lets the player capture a Piranha Plant and then lets them kill Mario.

To trigger this Super Mario Odyssey glitch players first need to capture a Piranha Plant and feed it a rock after which you can command Cappy to attack the plant which will kill the plant and Mario.

Super Mario Odyssey is a third-person platformer developed by Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo Switch.