Battalion 1944 Quickscoping Guide – How to Quickscope, Best Settings (Tips and Tricks)

Here we have a pretty nifty guide on one of the most fun based kill methods in any first-person shooter game. Yes, we are talking about Battalion 1944 Quickscoping. Below you will find all details relating to Quickscoping about that Quickscoping is, what are the requirements for it, and how you can turn the tide of battles with Quickscoping kills.

What is Battalion 1944 Quickscoping

If you have played any first-person shooter lately, you will know how much bragging rights a Quickscope kill has. It is the ultimate goal of all snipers to be the ultimate when it comes to Quickscoping.

The main reason Quickscoping kills have so much hype is because snipers are considered as the slowest players of the game because of their weapons choice.

Snipers require a decent distance between the player and the target and a little time to aim down their sights and locate their target before they can finally take the shot.

This process normally takes at least 2, 3 seconds if the player is decent. However, anyone who has a shotgun and is right up your face will not wait this long for you to get ready.

In such tight situations, your best bet is to quickly aim down your sights and shoot straight away using your Sniper Rifle. This is a Quickscoping kill if you manage to down your enemy.

This is a very advanced technique and not everyone can use it easily to kill the enemies. Here we have detailed Battalion 1944 Quickscoping Guide in explaining what you need to do in order to perform some neat Quickscoping kills and earning the ultimate bragging rights.

How to Quickscope

Before you start rampaging around with Quickscoping kills, there are some pretty basic requirements to fulfill. The most important requirement is your weapon.

It must be a sniper rifle and that too with a scope. The game has pretty decent sniper rifles but we will recommend that you opt for Kar98 Scoped as it is the best sniper rifle to use in the game and it will surely be the best option for your Quickscoping rampage.

Next, you need to head to settings and make sure that your aim is set to ‘Press’ rather than ‘Toggle’. Setting aim to ‘Press’ will mean that you enter aiming mode whenever you press the right mouse button. ‘Toggle’ will switch your modes between constant aiming to not aiming mode.

We will recommend that you use ‘Press’ instead of ‘Toggle’ for more control over the aiming. Also, make sure that your targeting is set to the right mouse button.

Now that all requirements are met, it is time to get busy. Now you must get your used to your muscle memory. For this, you must train in the training section of Battalion 1944.

Battalion 1944 comes with a Training Ground where you can spend as much time training as possible with any weapon of your choice. Here you can choose the Kar98 and head out to the field. Start with training with the targets closest to your location. Your goal is to try and snipe them as quickly as possible without moving the mouse too much.

Once you are comfortable with the targets up close, you must move to the targets located at some distance. You need to train your muscle memory about locating the heads as quickly as possible.

For this, zoom in and locate the head of one target and then move to the head of the other one. Do not shoot. Keep moving between the two for some time and every time you start again, increase your speed a little.

Once you are comfortable with the movement, try to take out both of them as quickly as possible. Practice this as much you like and more you train your muscle memory, more quickly you will learn to perform Quickscoping Kills.

During real battles, you can now simply aim at the general location of the enemy and you will perform a Quickscope kill if you have trained your muscle memory well.

This concludes our Battalion 1944 Quickscoping Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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