Battalion 1944 Liberation Guide – How to Play, Map Callouts, Attack and Defense

Liberation is one of the better maps in Battalion 1944. It is built for Wartide and has a lot of different areas where you can take on enemies. However, it is quite close-quartered so it can be difficult for people to understand how to attack enemies with rifles or a sniper.

This Battalion 1944 Liberation Guide will tell you all of the basics of the map and will ensure that you have a basic idea of what you need to do when you play Wartide on Liberation.

We will tell you on how to make the most of the map when you are playing as a sniper since that can sometimes be difficult, as you do not really have a lot of places to go to apart from the mid-road.

How to Play Battalion 1944 Liberation

Let’s take a look at the map as a whole. Liberation seems to be quite ‘Defense’-sided at first glance since both of the Bombsites are quite close to the defense spawn. However, a plethora of buildings that the Attack team can push through actually help balance this map a little bit.

Taking a look at the mid-street, it seems natural for the snipers to fight it out across it. However, the defense scope can also make way to the B-Windows and attempt to hold the B-site on his/her own.

Chances are that when the Meta develops, most of the common spots such as the B-Windows or the mid-tank will be extensively naded so as to ensure map control for your own team.

Battalion 1944 Liberation Guide

Liberation Tips and Tricks

The first thing that you should know about are the Smokes. If you feel like your sniper can take on the opponent and will be able to come out ahead most of the time then you should not smoke the mid-street.

The opposition will probably start smoking it themselves if you win a couple of duels but chances are that you will still be able to find a gap every few rounds for your scope to take a shot.

If your sniper is unable to fight in mid then B-Windows is where he can go. However, people will probably find nades for this spot so you should watch out for where the nade falls and at what time, so that you can dodge the nade and then move back into your position. After that, it is all about hitting your shots.

Pathfinders or SMGs have it the easiest! On defense, you have to go into either A or B and then camp over there to try to take out the aggressors. Alternatively, you can push forward and try to surprise your enemies.

The attack SMGs have to use the smokes and the nades that their team has and utilize their cover to push on and clear one of the two sites.

The Riflemen and those utilizing the Heavy class will probably be running into the most problems in this map. COD2 and COD4 were always big on making snipers over-powered so the fact is that you have the worst in close-quartered map. The speed of aiming down sight is ridiculously fast in the game so it is very easy for a sniper to quick scope you at close-range.

Your main job is to provide utility in the game. Try to ensure that you can smoke off all of the spots that your SMGs require you to smoke. Moreover, it is best if you use a class which has a grenade with it so that you can try to stop the enemy pushes from happening.

Liberation is somewhat similar to Backlot from Call of Duty 4 in its playstyle which means that you can either play it extremely fast or just camp and hope the enemy peeks you at close-range. There is not a lot of open area where you can move about so you need to be quick with your reactions.

Make sure you try and control triple building wherever you are since that will provide you with a lot of map control. You can also throw nades on B as defense, post a sniper there, and have the rest of your team at some other places, as one sniper can probably kill a guy and then call for the team to rotate in.

The attack team can counter this by smoking off the windows and then rushing in to try to get a quick plant.

Overall, the main deciding factor in Liberation is the quick decisions that your team makes in a split second to rush a particular spot and try to gain control over your enemies. The Pathfinders and the Operators can be your deadliest weapons during the game, and other classes should try to protect them in whichever way they can,

That is all we have for our Battalion 1944 Liberation Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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