Battalion 1944 Guide – Things to Avoid, Things to Practice, How to Become a Better Player

We have curated this Battalion 1944 Guide with some Tips and Tricks for you because the game looks promising so far. We have discussed some important things here that you will be required to keep in mind.

Although the game is still in Early Access, it is still competitive and will require some serious skill if you want to get to the top. Our tips and tricks will ensure that you stay competitive and at the top of your game in Battalion 1944.

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Battalion 1944 Guide – Tips and Strategies

Here you will find some important elements covered with Tips and Tricks that will get you all settled up in the battles of Battalion 1944.

At this stage of Early Access, we have three game modes to play which include Domination, Capture the Flag, and Team Deathmatch. You will notice that all appear to be team-based game modes. Let us start with the Tips and Strategies.

Support your Team

Battalion 1944 is a team-based shooter so far and it tends to focus on team mechanics. You should always support your team in different scenarios and never be the lone wolf of the team.

Supporting your team during battles will be beneficial for both you and your team. You will provide different types of support to your teammates such as assisting in kills, flanking enemies and providing covering fire.

Some game modes such as Capture the Flag are highly dependent on team tactics. Here only the most efficient teams will take the win.

If you have the flag, stick close to your team for backup support but if someone else has the flag, it is your duty to support them and provide covering fire so that they can score for your team. Keeping good care of your team will lead you to victory in Battalion 1944.

Get a Good Vantage Point

During the matches, you should try to get a good vantage point because having a good view of the map is vital for securing kills. Since the game is a first-person shooter, you have a limited view of your surroundings. The first person to find the enemy will take the kill (if you do not struggle with aiming that is).

Make sure you find a vantage point, which has a good view of a vital entry point of a large opening that has a good view of most parts of the map.

In some maps, you will find buildings with open windows; in such maps, your best friends are these windows. Find a good open window overlooking a passage or an entry and use it as a vantage point for securing some kills.

We do not support camping so make sure that you change places after some kills. Staying in the same place for too long will eventually get you killed.

Staying inside buildings will also keep you safe from at least two sides. You will be vulnerable from the back so keep an eye on the back as well. These windows also serve as shortcuts if an enemy spots you first and starts firing, find an open window and enter it fast for a chance to fire back from a safe vantage point.

Use your Scope

Most of the weapons in Battalion 1944 have scopes that make it very easy to fire accurately at the enemies. Granted that most of the time, you will not have enough time to aim through your scope first and then fire since maps are short and tight but you must try to use scopes as much as possible.

They will greatly help you in locating the exact location of the enemy and fire at them accurately without giving them a chance to fire back.

Weapons such as shotguns and pistol do not really require scopes and are more helpful in short areas, always make sure that you use your scopes on rifles and SMGs to increase the accuracy.

Firing from the hip will reduce your accuracy and will waste your ammo. Currently, the scoped weapons are also more deadly in the game. Racking up kills using scoped weapons is a lot easier than weapons, which do not have a scope.

For long ranges, it is vital that you use scoped weapons. They will grant your very good view of your enemy movements and you can plan your advances accordingly. If you see someone sitting at a distance, scoped weapons will also make it easier for you to pick them off silently.

For sniping fans, these scoped weapons will be a treat. Even when not using the scope, the scoped weapons in Battalion 1944 are powerful and will easily take down enemies.

Use Smoke to your Advantage

Battalion 1944 has smoke grenades as well. You must use these smoke grenades as much as possible to blind the enemy. In most games, smoke grenades are absolutely useless but that is not the case here. They give very thick smoke and almost make it impossible for the enemy to spot you through the smoke.

We highly recommend that you use these smoke grenades to escape from tight situations or when you want to provide cover to your teammates under fire.

Using Cover

In most first-person shooters, people tend to ignore one vital element of the game, cover. Taking cover is very important because it allows you to avoid a potential one hit kill and grant you a chance to kill the enemy first.

The cover will absorb damage for you so you should always use cover when under fire instead of running around and jumping like a clown.

You might even come across a situation where a camped enemy is taking out your teammates right out of the spawn location so here you must use cover as much as possible to avoid dying uselessly.

The game also gives you the leaning out of cover option so make sure that you use cover to get out of tight situations. Just make sure to keep your head out of a sniper’s sight or your cover will not be much use when you lean out to shoot.

Be Aware of your Rear

Most of the time, you will be looking ahead and left or right for your enemies, however, your rear is almost as important as your front. Most of the times, we are walking very quietly looking ahead, left and right to spot an enemy and he just comes up your back, melee kills you and goes away making fun of you.

To avoid such a situation, you must always be looking out your rear as well.

If you are not keeping check of your rear, you will be surely killed from the back. Even in good vantage points, you should keep a lookout on your back because you will be most vulnerable from there.

The most humiliating kills in any first person shooter are melee kills from behind and they occur due to the reason that players give absolutely no attention to what is coming behind them.

This concludes our Battalion 1944 Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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