Save $38.50 On Alien Isolation Collection, Limited Time Offer!

Alien Isolation is an incredible survival horror game that perfectly captures the look and feel of the Alien franchise and if you have played the game and is looking to extend the experience, then you can grab the Alien Isolation Collection for a whopping 77% discount.

Alien Isolation Collection is available for $11.49 at Fanatical for a limited time. The original price for Alien Isolation Collection is $49.99 and after the 77% discount, you will be able to save $38.50. That is an incredible deal given that it includes all the DLC for the main game.

Alien Isolation Collection includes Corporate Lockdown DLC, Trauma DLC, Safe Haven DLC, Lost Contact DLC, and The Trigger DLC. Each of the DLC features different stories from the perspective of multiple characters.

As well as escaping from Xenomorphs and ‘facehuggers’ trying to lay eggs down your throat, AI androids called Working Joes provide an eerie foe throughout the game. Simply hiding from these creepy, expressionless robots has little effect if you’re within range – as the androids will pursue you, kicking and swiping as you quiver under a table. Be warned, Working Joes and the loose alien are not at war, so don’t expect to use them as a helpful distraction. Not only do players get to experience a game which has been described by critics as a ‘terrifying’, the Alien: Isolation collection also includes the Season Pass DLC, with five daunting DLCs to test even the bravest of space explorers or survivors.

Alien Isolation was praised for its horror-survival elements and gamers have been waiting for an Alien Isolation sequel but publisher Sega seems to have no plans for it.

Last year a rumor started to make rounds on the internet suggesting that Creative Assembly is working on a sequel to Alein Isolation. However, shortly after another report suggested that Creative Assembly is not working on the sequel.

The report further suggests that the team that the majority of which worked on Alien Isolation is no longer working at Creative Assembly.

Alien Isolation is a first-person horror survival game developed by Creative Assembly for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.