Be Ready To Play Frostpunk, From The Creators Of “This War Of Mine”

11 Bit Studios, the creators of the heartstrings-tugging survival game This War Of Mine, have a new game that’s going to be coming out apparently in March. Entitled Frostpunk, the game is a city-builder where players must build a functioning settlement after a new Ice Age has destroyed all civilization on Earth.

Frostpunk is somewhat similar to This War of Mine in that while your generator powers your settlement and keeps it lit and heated, your settlement’s inhabitants are the city’s soul, and have Hope and Despair gauges that players will have to work with in order to ensure that their settlement survives.

Players will have to juggle balancing their citizens’ needs with making sure that they don’t fall into Despair; for instance, players can pass a law that institutes child labor (can you say Snowpiercer, everyone?), which increases Despair but makes the settlement more productive. Players can also build robots that can work around the clock as long as you keep it powered. However, your people might not like having it around for some reason.

While the setup may seem somewhat grim, players would likely rather have a more impersonal setup like a city-building game like Frostpunk than something potentially soul-crushing like This War of Mine, which had plenty of downer moments and bleak decisions to make as you attempted to survive in a war-torn city torn straight out of the Yugoslav conflicts.

Either way, Frostpunk is on track to come out at the end of March, so players don’t have very much longer to wait before they can try and start building their city to survive in the frozen wastelands of the game. If you’re looking for a city-building game where you try and balance your own humanity and good morals with struggling to survive, even if it’s on a less personal level than This War Of Mine, then look out for Frostpunk when it releases at the end of March.