PUBG Sharing Adjustments Take Away Family Sharing, Auto-Ban For Modding Or Deleting Files

Bluehole is bringing in a number of PUBG sharing adjustments in order to curtail more cheating across the board for all of its players. The developers will apparently be taking away Steam Family Sharing functionality for the game, and will now be punishing modifying or deleting files with banning.

Being a highly popular online shooter that’s primarily played on the PC, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would of course attract a large number of cheaters, many of them coming from China (which got the game cut off from the rest of the world’s servers after Bluehole got hordes of complaints), but also many in the rest of the world as well.

Bluehole is making the PUBG sharing adjustments to try and curtail these cheating, as doing family sharing opened the game up to a number of different vulnerabilities that cheaters would often exploit in order to get into the game’s files. While it doesn’t mean that Steam users can share the game with other family members that also have Steam, it will hopefully at least slightly curtail cheating efforts.

Bluehole is also adding in a new anti-cheat solution that is on the lookout for the various sorts of programs that hackers and cheaters use on the PC. The solution will be constantly building so that Bluehole can whitelist programs that work themselves into the game but aren’t actively malicious, but otherwise, any application that hooks itself into the game will be outlawed, like Reshade and other programs like that.

Live servers will be getting the PUBG sharing adjustments added to them this week, so you can expect to see stuff like that soon. And finally, Bluehole is making the altering or deleting of files punishable by banning. This is in response to people not wanting to play Miramar and getting around the possibility of playing it by removing its files from the game.